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Lots going on right now. We’ve got the revolution going on in Canada. Trucker’s have been noticed world wide. So Trudeau and the likes of media freaks like Geraldo Rivera lie about what is happening. Trudeau and Jerry Rivers, I mean Rivera are spouting that the truckers are terrorizing neighborhoods and waving swastikas and Confederate flags. One of each was actually seen, and they were not demonstrated by the truckers. Those morons were removed by the truckers. And unlike Trudeau and Rivera have stated the truckers protest/demonstration/revolution has been peaceful. Not like the peaceful protest/riots that destroyed and burned property in our American cities you would hear Kamala Harris describe but actual peace.

It is great to see citizens speaking up, standing up and more often. It will increase, what the Canadian truckers are doing can and will spread like a pandemic……….a virus upon corrupt government. The media can slow…

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