Biden like a worm drying up in the sun light. Creepy Joe abandoning Americans ACT II

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Below is a link to the story of what is going on at the Ukrainian border, by Yahoo, so take it with a grain of salt. Actually not so much of Yahoo’s left rhetoric.

Joe Biden speaking and saying little. Making predictions and weak threats. Biden says “Putin hasn’t made up his mind if he is going to invade the Ukraine”. JOE, UNLIKE YOU AND OBAMA PUTIN WON’T MAKE THAT KIND OF ANNOUNCEMENT, ………….HERE IS A CLUE: HE’D JUST DO IT! Unlike you he won’t tip off the media, no upfront statements or quotes………..He’ll get plenty of headlines anyway! Biden telling Americans the obvious. We don’t need him to explain what he can’t understand.

And Joe, thanks for warning Americans in the Ukraine that you won’t rescue them. You won’t go into the Ukraine to have Russian and American troops shooting at one another, it’d start ‘world war’. Well you…

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5 thoughts on “Biden like a worm drying up in the sun light. Creepy Joe abandoning Americans ACT II

    1. asnowrose Post author

      Unfortunately I think my 3yr old granddaughter knows more than Biden period! She counts to 20, (100 with help), knows her colors, reads the first book of Dick and Jane by herself and can spell over 12 words. She can do 50 piece puzzles by herself and 100 piece with minimal help. Yep! Smarter than Joe Biden!!!

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      1. A. L. Luttrell

        Absolutely is! I have 8 grandkids, one just out of high school another in high school and, 3 girls, two of which will be 3 in May, and they are smart. Not infected by the school system yet. Amazing how much these kids pick up on their own.

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