I am the wife of a retired military officer. I was born and raised in Texas, but have moved numerous times with my Air Force spouse. I have lived in Washington State, the Netherlands, Germany, Mississippi, Nebraska, Arizona, California, Nebraska, North Carolina and now Virginia.

I am a Constitutional Conservative and a NRA member. My family has defended the Constitution for generations and I will do all I can to make sure their service was not in vain. Since Texas will always be near and dear to my hear so Don’t Mess with Texas and Don’t Mess with my Country.

I have three children, a daughter and son who are grown and married. The baby of the family (who I home schooled for 11 yrs) is a 22 yr old daughter who is a talented and beautiful dancer. My husband is the love of my life. I am very lucky–each member of my family gives me many reasons to be proud of them.  I also have two beautiful kitties and a gorgeous greyhound.

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A Dancer’s World My youtube of my beautiful daughter’s journey through dance.