Judge Becomes Justice (Truth, Liberty, End of Cabal)

The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine speak… through the channel Magenta Pixie.
Messages from Sixth Density to Third, regarding the consciousness raising and dimensional shift
 now taking place.

To my Patriot friends, I believe we are not alone in the Universe and that there are brothers and sisters from other worlds that are assisting us to defeat the darkness of the Cabal. I listen to many videos with this view point. Many get turned off before finishing because I know in my heart they are ones that have been corrupted by the darkness. Anything I post on my page, I resonate with in my heart and believe it to be true. Magenta Pixie’s changelings of the “Nine” lead to a much deeper awakening to who we really are and how we have been lied to. It involves other dimensions and is very spiritual. If you are not ready to awaken and take the plunge, I understand. Just know that I am fighting for the return of love, truth, peace, harmony and justice to our world. I am looking forward to the day that hatred, fear and lies are no more!

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