3 thoughts on “What’s That UNDER CLINTON PANTSUIT? Bulge,Wire,Cheating Criminal

  1. hocuspocus13

    At the next debate Trump should put someone in charge of the stage and keeping a close eye on Crooked Hillary

    Perhaps even a secret camera behind Hillary’s podium

    Maybe a reporter/stage hand to lurk around while things are being wired together to help Hillary cheat

    Then 5 minutes into the debate clip the wires so Hillary is all on her own for all the world to see 😉

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  2. asnowrose Post author

    I ask every night for the truth to be made known – she will show her true face, I have no doubt! (Wow did I use face? Hmm like Trump did with Fiorina. 4
    a (1) : outward appearance (2) : the aspect of something that is perceptible or obvious upon superficial examination <the theory is absurd on its face (countenance) Thought I'd include the definition just in case a liberal comes across this and accuses me of commenting about her looks 🙂 🙂 🙂 )



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