What’s The Truth About Ted Cruz and Homeschooling Legislation

There are arguments on both sides of this and I’m not going to try to decide who is right at this time. I am listing the articles so you can choose. I homeschooled my daughter and we used and trusted HSLDA, but at this point I’m not sure.  They are endorsing Cruz but Jerry Falwell, president of Liberty University (a Christian University that is big in homeschooling) has endorsed Trump. I have bad feelings about “S. 306: Enhancing Educational Opportunities for all Students Act”.  I guess it all boils down to whether HSLDA can still be trusted or has it been bought out. I am so glad my daughter is now out of school!

What I find interesting, looking it up on gov. sites, It has not gone past being introduced and it says “Prognosis:1% chance of being enacted”  Is this another Ted Cruz half truth? Is this his way of getting the Homeschool vote. How many other bills is he taking credit for that are not passed?



Cruz legislation Attacks Home Schooling – In Lockstep With United Nations One World Education! https://themarshallreport.wordpress.com/2016/02/03/cruz-legislation-attacks-home-schooling-in-lockstep-with-united-nations-one-world-education/

Ted Cruz’s Federal Education “CHOICE” Kills the American Dream

Click to access hoge-anita-letter-openlettertosenatorcruz.pdf

Cruz bill will bring homeschoolers under Federal regulation http://americanvision.org/12995/cruz-bill-will-bring-homeschoolers-under-federal-regulation/#disqus_thread

S. 306 —”Enhancing Education Opportunities for All Students Act” http://www.hslda.org/Legislation/National/2015/s306/default.asp

Ted Cruz Hates Homeschoolers! … Or Does He? Better Check This Out! http://dailyheadlines.net/2016/02/ted-cruz-hates-homeschoolers-or-does-he-better-check-this-out/

Christian Homeschoolers Need to Know Where Ted Cruz Stands http://www.charismanews.com/politics/55100-christian-homeschoolers-need-to-know-where-ted-cruz-stands

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