Do You Really Know Ted Cruz?

NICHE Homeschool Iowa Day at the Capitol keynote speaker and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz shares his message at the downtown Marriott Tuesday, March 18, 2014.

Do You Really Know Ted Cruz?

I believe in vetting prospective candidates, especially those running for president. I have been very dismayed at things I have found out about Ted Cruz. I liked him in the beginning even though I have doubts about his eligibility; there are questions that he needs to address. I find a problem with his inconsistency on issues and his stand on others. The biggest problems are his ties to fanatic religious groups and his tie to the North American Union. Below you will find a lot of links and videos. I have made up my mind. I just hope and pray that you will take the time to learn about Ted Cruz (and any other candidate you are interested in). If you are religious, then please make sure that Ted Cruz and his father’s religious beliefs are in line with yours. Your decision for president is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Please don’t take it lightly. These links are only a small part. I hope they get you started toward making a educated decision.  (I will update with new links as I find them)
This is an excellent source for his policies

An Open Letter To Mark Levin (another person’s vetting of Cruz)

The Real Ted Cruz Ted Cruz Is A Gifted Poltitician. He’s An Even Better Liar.

Cruz Joins Soros Group in Trump Attack

Cruz challenged on immigration flip-flop

Letters From the Gulag : Ted and Heidi Cruz an Introduction

Ted Cruz voted against our Veterans

Ted Cruz Campaign Head Credits Psychological Operations As Primary Source of Voter Support

Jewish group demands Cruz explain endorsement by evangelical Mike Bickle

67 Reasons NOT to vote for Ted Cruz for President or Vice President!

Video Ted Cruz is For Eminent Domain Use

Ted Cruz’s Law Firm Backed Obama, Other National Democrat Campaigns

Here’s What Happens When You Try and Track Down a Ted Cruz College Rumor

Cruz And The Famous Poison Pill? Now Rubio?

Unbelievable-Ted Cruz Campaign Sends Out Personal “Shaming Letters” to Iowa Voters

Still Report #569 Cruz Using Hi-Tech Dirty Tricksters

Why You Should NOT Vote For Ted Cruz In 2016

Explosive Audio Surfaces – Cruz Campaign Telling Iowa Precinct Captains Carson Had Dropped Out of Race…

Ted Cruz’s Evolution on Birthright Citizenship

Ted Cruz’s claim that he has ‘never supported legalization’ of undocumented immigrants

With Eminent Domain Attack on Trump, Ted Cruz Walks Fine Line

Ted Cruz’s Promise That Big Donors Will Match Campaign Donations Could Break Rules

Desperate Liar – Glenn Beck Sends Followers Fake Trump Tweet – Trying To Prop Up Failing Ted Cruz

Just How Close Was the 2014 Amnesty Vote? Here’s the Back Story (be sure to read the comments for more info)

The Utter Nastiness of Ted Cruz

You Will Be Shocked To Learn Who Ted Cruz’s Puppet Masters Really Are

Who is the REAL Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz Worked With Religious Right Founder Paul Weyrich, To Elect George W. Bush

The Far-Right Christian Movement Driving the Debt Default

The Brutalism of Ted Cruz

Still Report #627 – Trey Gowdy Accuses Cruz of “Outright Lies”

Cruz and Rubio Side with BLM Over Land Grab in Oregon

About Ted Cruz – Using Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Example

Ted Cruz’s Citizen Status. Cruz Is Another Obama.

Maine governor: Cruz campaign ‘stabbed us in the back’ at state convention

Still Report #816 – Beth on More Questions About Cruz


“Ted Cruz: First President of the North American Union? Does Ted Cruz support the North American Union (NAU)? Does he support relinquishing US sovereignty to a larger Union, similar to the European Union? Gary takes a look at this issue. This is important, because if any candidate supports the creation of the NAU, he is giving up the sovereignty of the US, which NO ONE has the Constitutional power to do. Such a candidate/politician would be breaking their Oath to the Constitution.”
Two Views On Ted Cruz

Can You Handle the Truth? Ted & Heidi Cruz and the North American Union

Ted and Heidi Cruz – An Introduction

Ted and Heidi Cruz – and Expose’

Is Ted Cruz an Advocate of the North American Union

Ted Cruz’s Wife Heidi on Task Force Which Wrote “Building a North American Community” Report Aimed at Abolishing America

Cruz The King of Gaslighting and North American Union – If not him, CFR will find another

Cruz Why Is Your Foreign Policy Advisor a CFR Member? I thought you hated that pernicious nest of snakes?

Ted Cruz’s NeoCon Bonafides

CRF:2016 Candidates Must Build an ‘Integrated’ North America

If Obama Can Do it So Can I

Ted Cruz, Henry Kissinger & the Globalists


There is a problem with Cruz’s birth that needs to be cleared up. His mother needed to file paperwork to declare him a US citizen, just as military must do for children bore abroad, and there is no proof she did. You are not just a citizen because. This is from the military law site: When children of these military families are born abroad, their parents must make sure that the children are citizens of the correct country, that they have appropriate travel documentation, and that they are well-supported. After the parents have determined that their child is a U.S. citizen, they need to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad at the nearest U.S. consulate. The parents will need to submit an application (PDF), along
with documentation proving the parents’ citizenship and the record of
the child’s birth from the resident country. The Consular Report of
Birth Abroad can be used later as proof of the child’s U.S. citizenship,
and may be used to obtain a U.S. passport for the child.- See more at:

This is an article about his mother’s bc and the need for the above mentioned paperwork.
I hope you will read it because there is a lot of info. I’m a (retired) military wife of 30+yrs and I got pregnant in Germany (child was born in US) and we were given a lecture on what to do if the child was born in Germany to make sure she was a US citizen. Bottom line is, just because Cruz was born to a US citizen, if she did not do the paperwork required, he is not a US citizen until the paperwork is done. At this point he has not provided proof of said paperwork, so there is a problem.

Natural Born Citizen for Dummies

Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president

Natural Born Citizen and Naturalized Citizen Explained Once and For All

Ted Cruz Misrepresents the Law and His Being a Natural Born Citizen at Town Hall Meeting

Law Prof. Laurence Tribe Comments on Ted Cruz’s Candidacy

Did Ted Cruz enter the U.S. illegally in 1974?

 Report: Ted Cruz Entered the US Illegally in 1974

Ted Cruz is in the U.S. Senate Illegally?

Ted Cruz’s Citizen Status, Cruz is Another Obama

Ted Cruz is Not a Legal Citizen at All

The Ted Cruz Investigation With J.B. Williams. N.A.L.C.


The debate over whether or not Senator Ted Cruz is eligible for the U.S. Presidency

Ted Cruz Admitted Not A US Citizen – An Illegal Alien With NO CRBA

Cruz NJ Hearing A Farce, No Evidence Reviewed, Emerg Petition To Gov Christie


Ted Cruz’s campaign is fueled by a dominionist vision for America (COMMENTARY)

Some Further Context for My Piece on Ted Cruz’s Dominionism

David Barton, the Seven Mountains, and Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: The Anointed One

Rafael Cruz: Jefferson Scholar?

What Exactly Do Ted and Rafael Cruz Want to “Restore?”

Glenn Beck: Ted Cruz Was “Raised for This Hour”

Who is Larry Huch and What Does He Have to Do With Ted Cruz?

Conquering by Stealth and Deception How the Dominionists Are Succeeding in Their Quest for National Control and World Power

The God and Country Rhetoric of Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz touts endorsement from NAR leader Mike Bickle

Archive | New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

Fanning the Flames of Dominionism: Ted Cruz Officially Endorsed by Mike Bickle

It was a little over a year ago that the elder Cruz announced that his son, Ted, was “anointed.” The announcement and interview both generated controversy–especially on the left, which is the only place which seems to be interested in keeping a handle on the political machinations of the Dominion Theology crowd. (Which is unfortunate since those on the right, particularly evangelicals need to know when they are being deceived.) Dominionists believe in an earthly kingdom; the church taking over the world–all in the name of Jesus, of course. Although various Dominionist groups vary over the particulars, generally Dominion Theology states that the Church has to conquer the earth before Jesus can return.
The Bible does say there is a church which takes over the world in the last days–but it is a satanic counterfeit, not the Christian Church.

Dominionism (NAR)

Dominionists are on the move…and they mean business

Christian Dominionism Watch: What the 7 Mountains Mandate Means to Dominionist and What America Will Be Like After Dominionist Takeover

7 Reasons I’m Not a Christian Dominionist

The Cruz, IHOP, Oprah, Anti-Christ connection: 1-27-16

The International House of Prayer (IHOP) was started on May 7, 1999, by Mike Bickle in Kansas City. It is clear that almost all of the participants in IHOP do not have an understanding of what they are getting into. Many of the participants, including many genuine Christians who are being deceived, believe it is a place to go pray and worship while not knowing what the theological distinctives are that make IHOP unique.
The Dangers of the International House of Prayer (IHOP)

Why I Left IHOPKC and How I was Treated When I Left // MY STORY

Creepy Business-Ted Cruz Father: My Son “Annointed to Take Control of Society”

Deceptive 7 Mountain Mandate Exposed

The Satanic Strategy (Pt 1 of Seven Mountains Apostasy)

Seven Mountains of Christian Industrial Complex

Dominionism and Religious Right: The Merger Is Complete

David Barton Advocates Seven Mountains Dominionism

The 7 Mountains Mandate “Buy a mountain for $25”

Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism

Flashback Rafael Cruz Calls Son Ted Cruz an Anointed King Responsible for the End Time Transfer of Wealth

VIDEO=> Ted Cruz to Iowa Crowd: “Father God Awaken the Body of Christ”

Video: Ted Cruz Anointed by Antigay, Pro-Religious War Pastors

This is just one of many new-age/mystical practices that has found its way into the body by simply re-naming the components so as to deceive those hearing it. Uncover its roots and you’ll see it in it’s original packaging. It’s like doing a cosmetic touch-up on a house that has been condemned and boarded up. When the paint starts cracking and the wallpaper comes down, you begin to see what it was before. Let us not stray away from the simplicity of devotion to our Lord (2 Cor 11:3)

Heresies: Re-cycled. Re-packaged. Re-named.

Contemplative Prayer, Continued

Contemplative Prayer—A mystical prayer practice that leads one into the “silence” but in actuality leads away from God.

Many Questions Remain in Murder of Grandview Woman

New Details, Reaction In Deaton Murder Case

Ted Cruz’s Biggest Financial Backers Oppose the Celebration of Christmas

Inside the Anti-Gay Church That Loves Kim Davis and Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz huddles with faith leaders at ranch of super PAC donor

Cruz’ Father Suggests Ted Cruz “Anointed” to “Bring The Spoils Of War To The Priests”

Ted Cruz Appears at Evangelical-Backed Political Event with John Hagee and David Barton An update at the bottom says UPDATE 01/04/2016: A previous version of this story reported that Rafael Cruz was affiliated with the Hinn family through his organization, Purifying Fire Ministries. The Pulpit & Pen was contacted by Sarah Erdos of the Cruz Campaign and informed that “Rafael (Cruz) is not the Director of Purifying Fire ministries and has never met nor been associated with the Hinns. He did found a ministry with a similar name, but changed the name several years ago when the similar wording began to cause confusion.” Here are bios that says he is the director of Purifying Fire Ministries.

Ted Cruz’s Father Rafael’s Religious Group Scraps Website After Media Scrutiny

The Radical Christian Right and the War on Government

Meet The FOUR People Funding The Ted Cruz Campaign

According to Rafael Cruz God says if you kill someone you should die. No mercy. Breakfast with OK2A – Rafael Cruz – – Nov. 4, 2013 – Tulsa, OK


Cuban Peers Dispute Ted Cruz’s Father’s Story of Fighting for Castro

Ted Cruz’s narrative on Cuba omits father’s role fighting for Fidel Castro

Ted Cruz and A Cuban History Lesson

The Rafael Cruz Biographical Ruse

Some Real Truths About the Sketchy Past of Ted Cruz’s Father, Rafael

Cuba, Castro, Cienfuegos, CIA @ Cruz (Part 1)


Home Schooling:

There are arguments on both sides of this and I’m not going to try to decide who is right at this time. I am listing the articles so you can choose. I homeschooled my daughter and we used and trusted HSLDA, but at this point I’m not sure.  They are endorsing Cruz but Jerry Falwell, president of Liberty University (a Christian University that is big in homeschooling) has endorsed Trump. I have bad feelings about “S. 306: Enhancing Educational Opportunities for all Students Act”.  I guess it all boils down to whether HSLDA can still be trusted or has it been bought out. I am so glad my daughter is now out of school!

What I find interesting, looking it up on gov. sites, It has not gone past being introduced and it says “Prognosis:1% chance of being enacted”  Is this another Ted Cruz half truth? Is this his way of getting the Homeschool vote?  How many other bills is he taking credit for that are not passed?

Cruz legislation Attacks Home Schooling – In Lockstep With United Nations One World Education!

Click to access hoge-anita-letter-openlettertosenatorcruz.pdf

Cruz bill will bring homeschoolers under Federal regulation

S. 306 —”Enhancing Education Opportunities for All Students Act”

Ted Cruz Hates Homeschoolers! … Or Does He? Better Check This Out!

Christian Homeschoolers Need to Know Where Ted Cruz Stands

6 thoughts on “Do You Really Know Ted Cruz?

    1. asnowrose Post author

      Got a bad feeling about him from some of the articles I saw and then a friend from Dallas told me that his religion verged on occult. Spent all day yesterday digging to find out if there was any truth to it. Just want people to know what they are buying if they vote for him. If that’s what they want, fine. If not, at least they can make an informed decision. Glad it helped one way or another!!!


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